ESS Performance is a leading provider of High Performance Training, Strength and Conditioning, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Services in the private sector. We have developed a strong reputation in athlete development and were the first private sector company to provide elite strength and conditioning and rehabilitation services to athletes under a fully inclusive and comprehensive model. Since opening our doors in 2010, we helped shape the athletic careers of hundreds of elite and developing athletes.

ESS Performance is made up of an integrative team of leading allied health professionals and high performance trainers fervently committed to ensuring our clients reach optimal performance. Whether you are a professional or aspiring athlete looking to gain a competitive edge in your chosen sport, or someone with an injury, our specialist team will provide the best coaching, care and support.

Unique to ESS, each advanced recovery, athlete preparation and rehabilitation program is designed and delivered by leading allied health and high performance professionals. As an ESS client, you will have access to Australia’s most elite private training environments at NTC High Performance gym in Melbourne Olympic Park where you can access a range of best practice therapies and state-of-the-art training equipment to improve performance.

We are an innovative and collaborative team of experts, specialising in improving performance on all levels.

“Come and experience the ESS difference and discover why they are the recognised industry leaders.”


ESS Performance provided the England Cricket Team with access to their High Performance Training Centre (HPTC) during our 2010-11 Australian Tour. We found these facilities ideal for professional teams visiting Melbourne. ESS catered for our fitness testing, training and recovery needs and I would recommend their facilities and staff to any elite sporting organisation.

- Huw Bevan, Strength & Conditioning Coach
England Cricket Team 2010-11 Ashes Team

I use ESS quite a bit actually. Being a professional athlete we train most days. So this centre is ideal to do all the hard gym stuff but then you have a recovery centre as well.

- Barry Hall, AFL
All Australian,  Premiership Player 746 Goals 

I have trained Lleyton Hewitt during his pre-season training for the last 3 years. We put a lot of time and emphasis on recovery and have found that using AAMI Park training facilities and ESS Performance has helped with all his recovery and training needs. The facility is state of the art and has everything any sporting team or individual would need. The facility is very well organised and we have found the staff to be extremely accommodating.

- Nathan Martin, Strength & Conditioning Coach
Energise Health Management

I know what it felt like to receive my first Australian uniform, and understand the dedication required to reach the top level. Getting the right advice and training environment during my developing years was essential in terms of reaching my goals. I know the ESS Athlete Development Program can help get you there

- Steve Hooker, Pole Vault
Olympic Gold Medalist, World Champion, 2 Time Commonwealth Gold Medalist

I have experienced high performance sport, both as an Olympian and a coach. I understand having the right coaching support and environment is crucial for developing athletes to optimize performance. That's why I use ESS.

- Jan Rehula – Triathlon
Olympic Silver Medalist, International High Performance Coach