ESS Performance Pathway programs have been specifically designed to provide performance, leadership, wellness and education outcomes for our clients.

Depending on your individual requirements our programs can assist the development of sports specific industry skills, provide access to elite level injury prevention, rehabilitation and strength and conditioning programming and facilities, assist the development of leadership skills or enhance technical skills in your chosen sport.

Our quality Performance Pathway programs are designed and delivered by leading experts with clear and defined performance outcomes.

Athlete Development

Since its inception in 2011, ESS Performance has assisted thousands of athletes through the Athlete Development Program. The program focuses on providing developing and elite level athletes with access to state-of-the-art facilities and auxiliary support services and resources specific to the development of their sporting skills. The program aims to provide athletes with fundamental knowledge in key areas related to sports performance. 

Program Benefits: 
  • Access to state of the art training and recovery facilities
  • Periodic Functional Movement Assessments and consultations with ESS High Performance Trainers.
  • Periodic athlete testing to measure and record improvements.
  • Ongoing access to tailored high performance programs focusing on explosive power, speed and agility, strength and conditioning, flexibility, injury prevention, functional resistance and advanced recovery.
  • Personal and professional development seminars and tutorials
  • Periodic athlete testing to measure and record improvements.
The program provides access to sports specific strength and conditioning, injury management and rehabilitation, sports science testing, nutrition support, wellbeing monitoring and sports medicine.
The practice-oriented learning environment at ESS and our skilled staff will provide you with the essential capabilities to plan and oversee individualised training programs and safely and effectively demonstrate the essential athletic skills each athlete requires for their unique sport.
Performance Coaching & Mentorship
  • gain experience in the practical application of S&C
  • Access to elite coaches and training methods
  • Available in Melbourne

Are you trying to break into the High Performance Industry?
Do you have the attributes to help athletes and clients reach peak performance? Then, this program is for you!

The ESS Performance Coaching and Mentorship Program has been operating for over 7 years and has produced well rounded, experienced and job ready coaches. The ESS internship has helped dozens of graduates secure paid employment within elite sporting clubs, respected institutes and with ESS Performance.

  • providing a platform for interns to gain experience in practical application of high performance strength and conditioning and rehabilitation programs.
  • providing an intensive work learning environment which supports the development of strength and conditioning and coaching skills.
  • exposing interns to a high performance, professional and collaborative environment to further improve future employment opportunities within the sports performance industry.
  • providing access to elite coaches and state-of-the-art training environments to improve future success.

Our team of leading performance coaches and allied health professionals designed the Coaching Mentorship program to formally address a major gap in the market. The skill level of new coaches. The ESS Performance Coaching and Mentorship program directly addresses the gap from theoretical to practical application, ensuring that graduates from our program are capable of understanding, demonstrating, implementing and adapting training and recovery programs.
During this intensive program, you will learn how to:

  • enhance long-term athlete development
  • plan and manage training loads
  • monitor performance
  • provide feedback
  • provide care and support to the finest up and coming sporting talent in Victoria
  • improve employability.
To apply, please click the following link:
Mental Skills & Leadership
  • Enhance performance, resilience & wellbeing
  • Tailored workshops for performance outcomes
  • Coaching, corporate and individual programs available

ESS works in collaboration with leading Sports Performance Psychologists to provide tailored leadership and performance workshops to individual athletes, teams, corporations or individuals. Programs address the specific needs and desired outcomes expressed by our clients. Individual, group and team workshops are available.

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ESS Performance provided the England Cricket Team with access to their High Performance Training Centre (HPTC) during our 2010-11 Australian Tour. We found these facilities ideal for professional teams visiting Melbourne. ESS catered for our fitness testing, training and recovery needs and I would recommend their facilities and staff to any elite sporting organisation.

- Huw Bevan, Strength & Conditioning Coach
England Cricket Team 2010-11 Ashes Team

I use ESS quite a bit actually. Being a professional athlete we train most days. So this centre is ideal to do all the hard gym stuff but then you have a recovery centre as well.

- Barry Hall, AFL
All Australian,  Premiership Player 746 Goals 

I have trained Lleyton Hewitt during his pre-season training for the last 3 years. We put a lot of time and emphasis on recovery and have found that using AAMI Park training facilities and ESS Performance has helped with all his recovery and training needs. The facility is state of the art and has everything any sporting team or individual would need. The facility is very well organised and we have found the staff to be extremely accommodating.

- Nathan Martin, Strength & Conditioning Coach
Energise Health Management

I know what it felt like to receive my first Australian uniform, and understand the dedication required to reach the top level. Getting the right advice and training environment during my developing years was essential in terms of reaching my goals. I know the ESS Athlete Development Program can help get you there

- Steve Hooker, Pole Vault
Olympic Gold Medalist, World Champion, 2 Time Commonwealth Gold Medalist

I have experienced high performance sport, both as an Olympian and a coach. I understand having the right coaching support and environment is crucial for developing athletes to optimize performance. That's why I use ESS.

- Jan Rehula – Triathlon
Olympic Silver Medalist, International High Performance Coach