The philosophy of ESS Sports Performance programs are to enhance your performance in competition for greater success in your chosen sport. 

We combine the use of proven training technologies and therapies such as Alter G Anti-gravity training, Altitude Training, Deep Water Hydrotherapy and Ice bath recovery with sound strength and conditioning programming to ensure performance outcomes are achieved.

Our quality strength and conditioning programs are based on sound scientific principles and proven training methods to create a customised program to enhance athletic performance.

Strength & Conditioning
  • Individualised S&C Programs
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Specialised Coaches Working Collaboratively to achieve Outcomes

Strength & Conditioning is an essential part of athletic development, or even optimal fitness for the enthusiast. ESS S&C programs provide access to comprehensive training support. Programs target mobility, activation, movement preparation, speed and agility, endurance, strength, power, flexibility and injury prevention for the purpose of enhanced athletic performance. Your training will commence with a fundamental program which involves an individual focus on any weaknesses or structural abnormalities that may be impacting performance.

If you are a seasoned athlete with performance or injury prevention in mind, our S&C team, in conjunction with our Exercise Physiologists, will design a tailored program to meet your specific needs. Constant monitoring by our S&C coaches throughout the training term, with a focus on functional movement and key performance indicators, will ensure you achieve optimal performance.
ESS S&C programs aim to:

  • develop correct lifting techniques and movement patterns
  • improve sports specific movements
  • improve strength and power
  • optimise speed and agility
  • enhance appropriate conditioning components for performance
  • address athlete specific strengths and weaknesses.
  • De-Loading Legs
  • Walk/Run Earlier
  • Customised for Individual Needs

Used extensively in professional sport (AFL, NRL) the Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill provides clients with access to reduced-weighted training, managed in precise increments as low as 20% of the user’s body weight. Our performance and allied health staff design specific programs on the Alter G to manage training loads, undertake lower limb rehabilitation or improve athletic performance. ESS were the first private sector company to purchase and make available to the general public, the Alter G Treadmill, and now with the introduction of our Rehabilitation Cards, access to the Alter G has never been simpler or more cost effective.

Enhance your performance for competition
Recovery Ice Baths
  • Hot & Cold Therapy available Melbourne
  • Reduces Swelling From Micro Tears/Injuries
  • Lactate Flush

ESS ice bath recovery sessions are available to the general public. The ease and efficiency of booking your next team or individual session is as simple as contacting our office. Ice bath recovery sessions are suitable for athletes and non-athletes alike and can be undertaken post competition or intense training session or as part of a specific rehabilitation or recovery program. Team and group sessions are available. Bookings are essential and can be arranged by contacting our office or using our Mindbody booking app.

Speed & Acceleration
  • Steve Hooker Program
  • Upright Running Mechanics
  • Correct Foot Strike Pattern

The ESS Elite Speed & Acceleration program has been developed by Steve Hooker & Brendan Cole in conjunction with ESS Performance. The program aims to implement the training ideology of world renowned track and field coaches by providing a holistic training system based on the fundamentals of speed and acceleration. By utilising the unique skill sets of each party, the ESS Elite S&A program will provide tailored speed and acceleration training solutions, specific to the needs of the individual athlete. The ESS Elite Speed & Acceleration program consists of:

  • correct foot strike pattern
  • rear chain activation
  • acceleration and shin angle progression
  • upright running mechanics
  • gate analysis
  • movement screening
  • integration of sports therapy
Screening & Testing
  • Nutrition Analysis & Wellbeing Monitoring
  • Sport Specific Testing
  • Functional Movement Screen

Evidence based athlete testing has become an increasingly crucial component of elite training and recovery programs. ESS Athlete Testing programs can be tailored to meet individual or team needs, including sport specific testing. Our S&C and performance team will develop a tailored testing regime and provide a detailed report of athlete results and recommendations. Some of our testing options include: 

  • beep/bleep test
  • light/timing gate testing
  • vertical jump (Vertec or electronic jump mat)
  • body composition
  • skinfold analysis
  • maximum strength tests
  • agility testing

Athlete testing is available for individual athletes or teams by appointment.


ESS Performance provided the England Cricket Team with access to their High Performance Training Centre (HPTC) during our 2010-11 Australian Tour. We found these facilities ideal for professional teams visiting Melbourne. ESS catered for our fitness testing, training and recovery needs and I would recommend their facilities and staff to any elite sporting organisation.

- Huw Bevan, Strength & Conditioning Coach
England Cricket Team 2010-11 Ashes Team

I use ESS quite a bit actually. Being a professional athlete we train most days. So this centre is ideal to do all the hard gym stuff but then you have a recovery centre as well.

- Barry Hall, AFL
All Australian,  Premiership Player 746 Goals 

I have trained Lleyton Hewitt during his pre-season training for the last 3 years. We put a lot of time and emphasis on recovery and have found that using AAMI Park training facilities and ESS Performance has helped with all his recovery and training needs. The facility is state of the art and has everything any sporting team or individual would need. The facility is very well organised and we have found the staff to be extremely accommodating.

- Nathan Martin, Strength & Conditioning Coach
Energise Health Management

I know what it felt like to receive my first Australian uniform, and understand the dedication required to reach the top level. Getting the right advice and training environment during my developing years was essential in terms of reaching my goals. I know the ESS Athlete Development Program can help get you there

- Steve Hooker, Pole Vault
Olympic Gold Medalist, World Champion, 2 Time Commonwealth Gold Medalist

I have experienced high performance sport, both as an Olympian and a coach. I understand having the right coaching support and environment is crucial for developing athletes to optimize performance. That's why I use ESS.

- Jan Rehula – Triathlon
Olympic Silver Medalist, International High Performance Coach